HRIS & Payroll

Manage your organization’s payroll and HRIS data collection

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) and Payroll are together like they have never been apart.

Selectpath has partnered with leaders in the industry to bring you an easy-to-use modular system which allows tasks, policies, practices and pay, traditionally placed under the umbrella of Human Resources and Finance to be streamlined through the use of integrated technology. Our process starts with a deep dive into your current systems to determine your organization’s individual needs.

What does this mean for your organization?

  • Complete the time-consuming task of payroll deductions and calculations quickly and efficiently
  • Systematize your HR Practices to ensure consistency and execution
  • Identify and recruit key talent by creating and sharing job postings on your own job portal; quickly filter applicants, schedule interviews, and create a database of contacts
  • Easily create data-rich reports including hiring, attendance, and performance reviews, track training, certifications, and contracts
  • Manage absenteeism and reduce time loss
  • Improve employee access to information to allow self-help and fulfilling information requests
  • Manage all your employee information in one secure location

An Integrated Approach

HRIS provides an excellent opportunity to streamline your organization’s practices, however it’s just one aspect of your success.

Have a look at our integrated approach, GPS, Guiding Professional Solutions, to manage your big picture and see what Selectpath can do for you.

GPS - Guiding Professional Solutions

GPS - Guiding Professional Solutions

An integrated process to enrich an organization's most valuable resource – people

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