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Finding the right group benefits and group retirement programs for your organization involves striking a balance between price, products, and services while ensuring organizational goals are met. Selectpath has been helping organizations find these solutions for decades by using the right tools and experts.

Selectpath has the largest team of accredited financial advisors in Southwestern Ontario to help you find the right group benefits and group retirement programs. We have well-established partnerships with some of the best solutions providers in the business and find the right balance between services, price, and products for your organization.

Retirement Planning

As the workforce ages, employees are more concerned about retirement planning. Assistance with investment and retirement planning with CFPs (Certified Financial Planners) and other experts is an option for organizations wanting to offer more.

Our Certified Financial Planners (CFPs) and other experts offer the following services for Plan Sponsors and Plan Members of a Capital Accumulation Plan.

  • Ensuring Plan Sponsors meet the Information and Employee Assistance Best Practice Standards as set out in the Guidelines for Capital Accumulation Plans
  • Annual Plan Sponsor review meeting in conjunction with record keeper
  • Investment Management Reviews and Investment Menu Design
  • Employee investment and retirement planning meetings
  • Individual member investment advice
  • Individual member retirement income planning
  • Consultation on plan design
  • Assessing impact of Legislative, Taxation, and Government Benefit changes
  • Market comparison of insurance company providers

Benefits Planning

We help you find the right blend of group and health benefits to engage and motivate employees and help employers maintain a productive work environment.

Health and wellness consulting

Selectpath is pleased to offer the following services for Plan Sponsors and Plan Members of an Employee Benefit Plan:

  • Day to day support and advocacy to ensure the smooth operation of your program
  • Education, training, and communications to ensure all stakeholders are aware of their roles and impact in the benefits program
  • Tailored plan design development (including flexible programs)
  • Competitive placement of coverage with an insurer (including finalist presentation where required)
  • Annual group insurance insurer renewal (full analysis of the factors that make up your benefit plan costs)
  • Benefit plan financial management (including audits for refund accounts)
  • Plan utilization reviews (digging deeper into the data)
  • Competitive plan benchmarking (where does your program sit versus peers?)
  • Underwriting review and modeling (what are the long-term financial risks and cost implications of the program)
  • Vendor service monitoring (are they meeting expectations)
  • Mergers and acquisitions and plan harmonization
  • Disability process reviews and audits
  • Insurer claims audits
  • Health and wellness consulting
  • Taxation support

The 5 Simple Choices of Group Benefits

Most group benefit specialists take one of two approaches when helping you make renewal decisions. They provide “WTMI” (way too much information) on employee benefits, which overwhelms clients and gets in the way of good decision-making. Conversely, they oversimplify a solution, which often does not address the root cause of a problem, and can dampen long-term changes that are needed.

Selectpath takes a refreshing approach to Group benefits. The Right Path® Approach offers you five simple choices:

Terminate the Plan

When the cost to administer the benefits plan is greater than the value your employees perceive, you might want to consider terminating the plan and finding alternatives.

Share the Cost

The cost of group health and dental plans is simple; it’s the amount of claims plus administration. If your claims are rising, you may want to insulate the company from rising costs by sharing the costs with benefit plan members.

Change the Plan

When the cost to administer the plan is greater than the value your employees perceive, you might want to consider changing the benefits plan to reflect the joint goals of the company and the employees.

Run Away From the Problem

You can run away from your plan and engage a new company for a lower premium this year, but next year, look out. Running away only delays the inevitable: dealing with rising premiums.

Change the Model

It can be painful to change plan design and cost sharing, but you can control administration fees which only impacts the insurer, not you.

An Integrated Approach

A well-rounded benefits and group retirement program is an effective recruiting and retention tool. However, it’s just one piece of the puzzle to managing people effectively.

Have a look at our integrated approach, GPS, Guiding Professional Solutions, to manage your big picture and see what Selectpath can do for you.

GPS - Guiding Professional Solutions

GPS - Guiding Professional Solutions

An integrated process to enrich an organization's most valuable resource – people

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